1962 Lunar Excursion Module 

This model is based on the Lunar Excursion Module models displayed in various space museums in the United States and is in the style of other Contractors Models available during the 1960's.

The main body of the model is moulded plastic with integral Descent Engine Bell and Pressurisation Tanks on its underside.

Landing Gear is moulded plastic and soldered brass components. The brass pins on the base of the foot pads locate into holes on the Perspex base. 

The LEM can be removed from the Perspex base.

Radar Antennae and Egress Platform are soldered brass wire and etchings.

Detailed Thrust Chambers, TV cameras, Radar and Laser Head.

Polished Perspex base with printed logos, model location holes on the top surface and green baize on the underside.

Model height is 160mm (not including top VHF antenna) and Perspex base diameter is 230mm