1963 LEM Prototype Model

This model is a replica of the 1963 LEM Prototype in the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island, US. (See pictures)

Many customers have asked to place an order for this model so I am now taking pre-orders. I expect the first small batch to be shipped at the end of march. (The pictures show the model as a pattern from which the editions will be manufactured. Some parts are missing from these pictures, eg landing gear struts, rear detail, radar antenna...)

The main body of the model will be moulded resin with separate ascent/descent stages. These stages are located together with steel dowel pins and held in place with magnets.

The top and front docking ring/egress hatches will be removable so the model can be displayed either complete or similar to the Cradle of Aviation Museum display (see pictures). These components will locate together with steel dowel pins and be held in place with magnets.

Integral Descent Engine Bell on the underside.

Landing Gear is fabricated with soldered brass components and the pins on the base of the brass foot pads locate into holes on the Perspex base.

The ascent and descent stage components will be a white acrylic painted finish with black detailing and decal windows. The landing gear will be metallic silver acrylic paint.

Polished Perspex base with printed logos, model location holes on the top surface and green baize on the underside

Model height is 175mm and Perspex base diameter is 230mm