1964 Grumman Lunar Excursion Module Prototype  


The 1964 Grumman Lunar Excursion Module Prototype is a replica of an original model displayed in the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island, New York. 

It is the largest model in the ‘Evolution of the Grumman LEM’ display case.

I have made a faithful but neatened up replica to continue the Grumman LEM range in the belief that, like the others, it’s modelled at 1:40th scale.

The main components of the model are moulded Resin while the landing gear is fabricated from brass tube with turned brass footpads and locating pins, all soldered together. The model is finished with sprayed acrylic paints.

The ascent/descent stages can be separated and are located in position with stainless steel dowels and internal magnets.

The LEM can be removed from the Perspex base.

The polished Perspex base is printed with NASA and Grumman logos and has green baize on the underside. Brass pins on the bottom of the foot pads locate the model on this base

Model height is 222mm (8 3/4 inches) and the Perspex base diameter is 360mm 

(14 1/8 inches)

The model is shipped in custom made packaging to completely protect the model in worldwide transit.