My name is Robert Jones and I run SFX Models Ltd. 

For the last 27 years I have been working in the film & TV industry, designing & making flying U.F.O's, Jumping Batmobiles, whipped Guinness, walking trees, real earthquakes, sinister robot dogs, flame grilled BBC 2 kebabs, Jenson Buttons winning Brawn F1 car, giant butter knives, a massive spoon to hit Vic Reeves, Harry Potters Hogwarts, vomiting fax machines, Teletubbies Custard Train, ticking bombs, 10,000 letters to Santa, the GPO Tower made from cash & ride-on hoverboards.

At the end of 2018 I moved to Italy and set up a workshop and design office. I hope to continue making props and effects for feature films but I also want to make space related things, particularly from the 1960's 'Space Race' era.

Now I have the chance to make some of the things that interest me, hopefully they interest others too!

I am always happy to take special commissions or discuss any other jobs such as film, TV, architectural or wind tunnel work