Grumman LEM Contractors Model with Perspex Base

This is a replica of the 'Precise' Grumman LEM Contractors Model produced in the late 1960's

Main body of the ascent and descent stages are separate mouldings. The 'white' colour is a perfect match to the originals when they were first manufactured. Ascent and descent stages are removable from the perspex base

Brass soldered components; Brass soldered legs and feet, Brass etched egress platform with brass handrail, Brass etched ladder detail with soldered rungs

Accurately reproduced decals with clear backing film detail

Soldered brass wire antennae and cast dishes. The radar and S-Band dishes look exactly the same as the originals but are strengthened to minimise breakages

Polished Perspex base with centre boss to mount the model. Grumman and NASA graphics with green baize on the underside